A Cryptocurrency

Mining Company

Blockstake operates a portfolio of crypto mining hardware and manages multiple mining pools

Leveraging efficient power costs & logistical expertise, we mine with a long-term focus on the accumulation of Bitcoin. Our Flagship Pool and portfolio of ASIC and GPU miners currently operate in South Dakota, Nebraska, and North Carolina.

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Proof of Work Mining

Mining Pool Operations

What is mining?

Mining is the process of adding data to the blockchain.

At a regular interval, the miners group together all the transactions that occurred and record them on the network as chunks of data known as blocks.

For every block of verified data, the miners receive a pre-set number of coins referred to as a block reward.

How Blockstake mines

While many investors appreciate the income potential of Bitcoin mining, the process of sourcing hardware, negotiating power contracts and repairing equipment requires a substantial investment of time.

In 2019, Blockstake launched their Founders Pool, providing a turn-key and transparent mining solution for select individuals and family offices seeking to gain Bitcoin mining exposure.

After sourcing and co-locating a portfolio of mining hardware, Blockstake sells ownership interest in any Bitcoin mined by the pool. Investors will receive a pro-rata share of the profits, paid out on a monthly basis in Bitcoin for as long as the miners remain operational & economically profitable to run.

Solo Mining

Mining Pool

The Team

Thomas McLaughlin

Chief Executive Officer / Early cryptocurrency investor, founding member Blockchain Compliance Foundation, former BofAML investment banker

Shawn Diamond

Director of Business Development / Investment advisor representative, former international equity trader for Credit Lyonnais and Galleon, 20 year Wall Street veteran

David Wodka

Chief Operating Officer / 10+ years of experience managing operations for multi-billion dollar infrastructure projects

Earl Myers

Chief Marketing Officer / Award-winning writer and creative director, previous clients include Walt Disney, Nestle, and GSK


Allen Hena

Digital asset thought leader, 20+ year IT and enterprise architecture veteran, founder of StakeAndNodes.com, providing masternode investors and funds with industry leading analytics

Joshua Stinson

Founder and Chief Strategist of Cryo Security LLC, providing best-in-class crypto focused security solutions since 2011

Christian Kaczmarczyk

Blockchain analyst and investor, currently a Venture Fellow at AVG Blockchain Fund

Cole  Kennelly

Business development professional, growth strategist, and CryptoSlate contributor.