Why blockchain matters

The modern economy revolves around middlemen.

Companies like Uber, Western Union, or AirBnb may perform different services, but their main function is the same: to ensure money safely changes hands.

For the first time in history, blockchain allows people and organizations to transact directly, without a trusted-third-party. It sounds simple, but the implications are enormous.

And this is only the beginning. As this new and massive economy unfolds, Blockstake will be there, providing the groundwork for technology leaders across the world.

Benefits of Blockstake

Neptune Dash (TSX.V: DASH)

Diversified risk through portfolio of assets

Potential for higher returns through stake-mining, ICOs and emerging blockchains


No annual management fee (0.6% – 2% p.a.)

Less correlated returns and predictable cashflow

VC like deal flow increases potential for outperformance

Closed-end Fund

No annual management fee

Staking and masternode model provides regular dividends

Self-directed Investing

Accessible to favorable investing terms

Full-time analysts vetting hundreds of new deals each year

Large upfront capital required for staking and masternode operations

Technical expertise for safe storage

For more information

Contact: shawn@blockstake.io